Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 SF Riflescope


Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10x50 Riflescope
Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10x50 Riflescope

The Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 RifleScope is one of those scopes that a hunter should try to own, due to its great use in low light. It has a 30mm milled aluminum tube that has larger internal optics that makes it easier for the hunter to see detail. It is great to use in low light due to its larger objective lenses and multipurpose magnification ranges. All of this produces an extra ordinary large exit pupil that hunters can make use of in low light situations.


The Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 SF Rifle scope has a four-times power range and a wide field of view. This makes it perfect for rifles that have heavy calibers such as magnums.

This rifle is 100% water proof, fog proof and shock proof. It also has a turret mounted, locking, side-focus parallax adjustments. This can allow shooters to get an accurate focus out parallax at any known range from 50 yards to infinity.

This Nikon 2.5-10×50 Monarch Gold Riflescope makes use of a quick focus eyepiece that has a twist and lock design that is able to provide +/- 5 diopter adjustment, which allows for quick and easy focus control. It also comes with a rubber ring that makes it easier to grip with gloved hands and it also protects the end of the eyepiece. It also features Nikon’s BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticle designed for easy holdover out to 600 yards (magnum calibers).

The riflescope can be had with three different reticles. There is Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 that has thee Nikoplex reticle , the German #4 and BDC reticle.

  •          The Nikonplex reticle is created with thicker posts on the top, bottom and sides that provide a quick reference for low light shooting conditions. The thinner center crosshairs make it possible to have precision aiming. This reticle is one of favorites of American sportsmen
  •          The German #4 reticle makes quick targeting possible, however it provides a more open sight picture in the upper portion of the sighting plane. This recticle is gaining increasing favor with American hunters
  •          The BDC reticle (Bullet Drop Compensating) is actually a trajectory-compensating reticle designed and calibrated to provide fast, simple aiming points for various shot distances.

The Monarch 2.5-10×50 rifle scope has a Ultra ClearCoat (UCC) optical system, that gives it the ability to virtually have a 100% anti-reflective capability. This combination of lenses and coatings allows a 95% light transmission.

Available Models:

  •          Nikon 6617 – 2.5-10×50 SF Monarch Gold Matte German #4 Reticle
  •          Nikon 6618 – 2.5-10×50 SF Monarch Gold Matte BDC Reticle
  •          Nikon 6619 – 2.5-10×50 SF Monarch Gold Matte Nikoplex


Features for Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 SF Matte Reticle Riflescope:

  •          Ultra ClearCoatTM Optical System  – The entire optical system was engineered by Nikon to give the shooter a bright, sharp, incredibly flat sight picture and light transmission up to its theoretical maximum-95%.
  •          Rugged One Piece 30mm Body Tubes  – The larger tubes and internal lenses will provide maximum resolution, wider windage and elevation travel and superior low-light performance. Milled from aircraft grade aluminum, durability is built into each model.
  •          Larger Internal Lenses  – Produce a larger “sweet spot” for enhanced resolution.
  •          Four Time Magnification Zoom Range – Provides outstanding flexibility for up close-shots as well as long-range canyon-to-canyon shots.
  •          Locking Side Focus Adjustments  – Locking side focus adjustment dials out parallax for the longest shots.
  •          Four Inches of Constant Eye Relief  – The Nikon Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50 will have a full four inches of eye relief throughout the magnification range.
  •          Quick Focus Eyepiece  – Allows the shooter to instantly bring the reticle into sharp focus.
  •          Hand-Turn ¼-MOA Windage and Elevation Adjustments – Get you zeroed-in quicker and maintain your setting even with heavy recoil.
  •          Matte Black Anodized Finish – Tough body resists corrosion and wear
  • Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof  – Excellent for rough and rugged conditions.
  •          RETICLE CHOICES: Nikoplex, German #4



  •          Actual Magnification 2.6x-9.7x
  •          Effective Objective Diameter 50mm
  •          Exit Pupil (mm) 19.2-5.2 Eye Relief (in) 4.1-4.0
  •          FOV @ 100 yds (ft) 38.8-10.5
  •          Tube Diameter 30mm
  •          Objective O.D. (mm/in) 58/2.28
  •          Eyepiece O.D. (mm/in) 43/1.69 Length (in) 13 Weight (oz) 21.2
  •          Adjustment Graduation 1/4 MOA
  •          Max Internal Adjustment 80
  •          MOA Parallax Setting (yds) 50 – ∞

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