Red Dot Sights

Nikon Monarch 1X30 Red Dot Sights VSD are some of the more popular red dot scopes that are available on the consumer market. They provide the user with the ability to get an ultra-fast target acquisition, which gives them pinpoint accuracy and a wide field of view. The Nikon Monarch red dot scopes are the perfect sights for hunting. They are the perfect option for pistols, crossbows, shotguns and blackpowders.

The Nikon Red Dot scopes have the feature variable size dot (VSD) which gives the user the ability to choose up to 5 different sized dots. This will go from 1,4,6,8 and 10 MOA (Minute of Angle or Minute of Arc). This gives the user the ability to adjust the scope to their surroundings. The Nikon Monarch Red Dot VSD Scopes are created to have multicoated optics which allows for a clear and bright view. They are also built to have a rugged construction, which makes it perfect for any environment. The Nikon Monarch 1x30mm VSD Dot Sights also have an exterior that is weatherproof that allows it to be waterproof and fog proof. Finally the Red Dot Scope is designed in such a way that it minimizes parallax that will allow for a more accurate shot. All of the features that are contained in the Nikon Monarch Red Dot Sights VSD make them scopes of excellent quality and they will be durable enough to last a very long time.

Nikon Monarch Red Dot VSD Overview


  • The Nikon Monarch 1X30 Red Dot Sight VSD (Variable Size Dot) is created with the most current technology which gives it rugged durability.
  • It is designed with ruggedness and reliability and makes it easy to use on handguns, shotguns or rifles.
  • It’s waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction of the sight helps it handle the abuse of a magnum-shooting turkey gun or large caliber handgun.
  • The user has the ability to select up to 5 different dot sizes. These range from 1, 4, 6, 8 or 10 MOA. All of this can be accomplished with an easy twist of a knob. An 11-position rheostat allows almost limitless reticle brightness adjustment and guarantees performance in weak dawn light or bright mid-day sun.
  • The red dot scopes have a large field-of-view – 47.5-feet at 100 yards. It also has a fully multicoated lens that works together to provide crystal clear and sharp images.
  • All Nikon Monarch Red Dot Sights have a mounting system included, which gives it the ability to work with any Weaver-style mount base. Adjustments are 1/2 MOA per click and the parallax is set at 50-yards.

Nikon Monarch Red Dot Sights VSD are available in the following models:

Nikon Monarch 8430
Nikon Monarch 8430
Nikon Monarch 8431
Nikon Monarch 8431

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